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STT Arthritis

STT Arthritis

Recognising the Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Wrist pain – STT Arthritis

Dealing with constant wrist pain that limits your activities? It could be arthritis in a small joint within your wrist. I specialise in diagnosing and treating STT arthritis, including an advanced joint replacement using the pyrocarbon implant that can offer significant pain relief and improved function.

Understanding STT Osteoarthritis

STT osteoarthritis is a specific type of wrist arthritis affecting a small joint near the base of your thumb. It can severely limit your hand usage. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Symptoms: Deep pain on the thumb side of your wrist, worsened by activities like gripping or twisting.
  • Causes: Wear and tear of the STT joint, sometimes linked with prior injury.
  • Treatment: Options include bracing, injections, and advanced surgical techniques, including the innovative pyrocarbon implant.

Let’s explore solutions for your wrist pain. I specialise in managing STT arthritis and will help you find relief using the best approach for your needs.

STT Osteoarthritis FAQs

Degenerative arthritis affecting the scaphotrapeziotrapezoid (STT) joint within your wrist. It often occurs alongside base of thumb (CMC) arthritis, leading to pain and decreased function.

Pain deep within the wrist, localised near the base of your thumb. Pain worsened by – Moving your wrist from side to side (radial and ulnar deviation) and gripping, pinching, or twisting activities. Swelling at the affected area. Reduced grip strength and decreased range of motion in the wrist.

I’ll diagnose it through a physical examination, discussing your symptoms, and reviewing specialised X-rays. Examining how your wrist moves is particularly helpful for identifying STT arthritis.

Initial Management

Rest and Activity Modification: 

Avoiding activities that trigger pain.


Supporting the wrist to reduce discomfort.


Over-the-counter pain relief (ibuprofen, naproxen).

Corticosteroid Injections: 

These have both diagnostic and therapeutic value, helping to confirm the source of pain and providing short-term relief.

Surgical Treatment: 

Considered when non-surgical methods don’t provide sufficient relief and when the arthritis is significantly affecting your life.

Pyrocardan Implant: 

I specialise in this advanced joint replacement. It offers excellent results in restoring pain-free motion and wrist stability.

Excellent Success Rate: 

I’ve seen great outcomes with the Pyrocardan, helping patients regain hand function and alleviate pain.

Preservation of Motion: 

It allows natural wrist movement, minimising stiffness.


It’s a proven technology with a track record of success.

STT arthritis is sometimes seen on X-rays, even when you don’t have many symptoms. Especially if you have base of thumb arthritis, it’s important to determine if the STT joint is actually contributing to your pain. I’ll work closely with you to make this assessment.

Surgery is always my last resort. If conservative treatments and injections fail to provide enough relief, and the arthritis significantly impacts your quality of life, we can discuss joint replacement options together.

I’ll create a personalised rehab plan. Recovery can vary, but many patients experience a smooth process with the goal of regaining comfortable wrist function.

I’d be happy to discuss this in depth with you. There are also helpful resources on the manufacturer’s website.

Let’s work together! Schedule a consultation to individualise your treatment plan.

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