Patient information

Here you can find downloadable information about your diagnosis and treatment options.

Tingly Fingers (Carpal Tunnel)

This is the most common diagnosis I see in my practice. I have a minimalist approach!

Thumb Base Surgery

I offer the latest and best innovative surgery in this area of hand surgery.

Tennis Elbow

However awful this is to live with, I have excellent and reliable treatments for it.

Driving after surgery

Find out what the legal situation is regarding when you can drive and what you need to do.

Wound care

I am a little different with my wound care regime! Use this to get the best results.


Surgery is always a compromise between risks and benefits. This is incredibly important to deeply understand what can happen.

Finger Arthritis

Pain in the fingers can be incredibly debilitating. Find out what I can do for it from simple to complex. 

Trigger Fingers & Thumb

Triggering is a very common problem and the most easily treatable of diagnoses.

Tingly Little & Ring Fingers

Problems with the "funny bone" can cause permanent problems. Find out what can be done.

Dupuytren's Disease

Bent fingers cause many issues with daily life. Find out how I deal with it.