Why book with me?

Below I will share my philosophy and the principles that I live and work by

Why Alistair Phillips?

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" - Luke 6:31

"Peace, dignity and equality on a healthy planet" - United Nations

I have been a patient having had my own hand surgery that threatened my whole career. I know what it's like. I also have more than 20 years of experience treating patients, listening to what went well and when things didn't.

How has that influenced me? Well...profoundly! Lots of clinicians and Healthcare institutions say they are "patient-centred" but it doesn't translate into systems and pathways designed with you at the centre.

Below are some illustrations of how my practice may differ from most:

Check out the benefits 

As painfree as possible

Nobody likes needles so I use paediatric needles for most injections which are as pain-free as I can manage


Many follow-up appointments can be done over the phone. It's often far more convenient for you


If the evidence supports it I will use the most innovative and ultra-minimally invasive techniques out there

Non-operative first

I am a very conservative surgeon! If we have non-operative options then I would always suggest them first and only operate when necessary


Many patients have simple questions that only need a 5-minute chat. I'm more than happy to do these ad hoc rather than booking in

Remote consultations

I have facilities to do Zoom / FaceTime / Skype & Teams calls.  These have been popular since Covid! You can also send me photos or videos etc.


Meet The Dream Team!

They Say

What They Say

Mr Phillips provides the best patient doctor relationship that I have ever experienced. I feel fully involved, which is important to me and the care given is of the highest standard.

360 degree feedback

He is so kind, caring, amazing attention to detail and pushed me through the system amazingly fast. I would highly recommend him.


He goes above and beyond in his explanation. This will be my second procedure with him. The first was very satisfactory on the other hand. I would highly recommend


Knowledgeable, genuine, caring, ongoing support always offered, fantastic service and a delight to be a patient of Mr Phillips. Really are a wonderful person and I appreciate evrything you've done for me.


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