ELiS CMC Joint Replacement

A New Option for Thumb Arthritis Treatment

ELiS CMC Joint Replacement – A New Option for Thumb Arthritis Treatment


Is thumb arthritis causing you pain, stiffness, and making everyday tasks a struggle? You might have heard there aren’t many options, or that surgery means removing a bone (trapeziectomy). But there’s good news! A newer treatment, the ELiS CMC joint replacement, offers both pain relief AND preserves thumb movement.

What is CMC Thumb Arthritis?

CMC thumb arthritis, also called basilar joint arthritis, develops from wear and tear on the main joint at the base of your thumb. This wear and tear leads to pain, weakness, reduced range of motion, and sometimes even deformity or instability. While treatments like splints and injections can help initially, they often don’t provide a lasting solution.

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Why Choose the ELiS Joint Replacement?

Spares Bone: Unlike a trapeziectomy, which removes a bone, the ELiS replaces the damaged joint. This preserves bone structure, simplifying any future surgeries.
Enhances Stability and Strength: The ELiS implant’s design prioritizes stability, crucial for pain reduction and improved grip strength.
Utilizes Innovative Materials: The titanium implant features a specialized coating that enhances grip, ensuring it stays securely in place within the bone and reducing the risk of loosening.

If CMC thumb arthritis is impacting your life, explore the ELiS joint replacement as a potential long-term solution to restore function and relieve pain.

ELiS dual mobility CMC replacement

Is the ELiS Implant Right for Me?

While it’s a promising option for many, factors to consider include:

Severity of your arthritis: Best for moderate to severe cases.

Your activity level and goals: We’ll discuss if the ELiS aligns with your needs.

Overall health: Like any surgery, there are certain medical considerations.

ELiS dual mobility CMC replacement

My Expertise

I’m one of the few surgeons in the UK with extensive experience using the ELiS CMC joint replacement. I understand the nuances of this procedure and know how to select the right patients for this innovative treatment. I’m also committed to staying at the forefront of advancements in thumb arthritis care.


If thumb arthritis is holding you back, and you think the ELiS implant might be a good fit, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation. Together, we’ll determine if it’s the right next step for you to regain comfort and function in your thumb.


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