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Who am I?

Hi, I'm Alistair Phillips

I am a Consultant Orthopaedic Hand and Trauma Surgeon working in Hampshire, UK. I work at the Wessex Nuffield Hospital and Winchester Healthshare Clinic.  I sub-specialise in problems with the hand, wrist and elbow and in particular the use of local anaesthetics to improve your experience and outcome - the "Wide Awake Hand Surgery" technique.

I have been a Specialist Hand Surgeon for 10 years.

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Why book with me?

Empathy, Expertise and Engagement


In 2018 I had to have my own hand operated on (through no fault of my own)! Fortunately everything went well...

I chose to have it done under local anaesthetic and it changed my perspective forever. Having an injury or longer term problem with your hands is difficult, both physically and psychologically. I understand that.


I am a fellowship-trained hand, wrist and elbow surgeon. I lecture internationally on the use of Local Anaesthetics (LA). I also contributed to the book (Wide Awake Hand Surgery), have won prizes for my educational videos and also set up and run a global charity about LA (Walant.Surgery).

Patient Engagement

I am a firm believer that if you know as much as possible about your hand problem, what the surgery inlvolves, how it's going during the operation and finally how to rehabilitate yourself then you will get a better result. Clearly my expert therapists and I will be there every step of the way! I aim to educate and engage all my patients and even give a lecture titled "How Tweeting during your surgery can improve your outcome"!

My Philosophy

To get you back to what you need to do with speed, efficency and with you making the decisions

Non-operative first, always.

The first thing to state is that most hand problems can be treated without surgery. Hand Therapists are the backbone of any Hand Surgery practice and I have a fantastic relationship with the experts at the Wessex Nuffield hospital. Surgery is always a last resort in my world and my practice is designed around educating, informing and hand therapy first and foremost.

Operative only if needed.

When surgery is required I discuss with you, the patient, the options from the most minimal to the most invasive but always prefer the former! Having had surgery on my own hand I am empathetic and always very cautious about taking that step to surgery. My preference is always to have my patients awake but not necessarily watching! I'm always delighted when they do though.


Discover how I make a difference with your hands

I give a lecture from time to time on "How Tweeting during your surgery can improve your outcome"! What I discuss is how being engaged before and during your surgery, however much you feel reading this that you would "never do that", means that you deeply understand what the problem was, you feel vindicated and "weren't making it up" and when I've fixed it the way you want, you can say "phew, at long last I know for a fact that it's fixed"!

All these are quotes from actual patients (the last one being my own!).

When you have seen your hand working for the first time in ages, it is an immensely powerful stimulus to do your rehabilitation properly and with the confidence that deep understanding brings. 

That's why you can get a better result by Tweeting during your case. We can even do selfies...;)

Leave me a review

Reviews are incredibly important for future patients to know that their hands are safe in mine. They are also integral to my practice so I know that my philosophy and skills are working for my patients.

Summary of experience

I have a wealth of experience in Hand Surgery. I am Fellowship trained in Derby at the world famous Pulvertaft Hand Centre and was also a Hand Fellow in Southampton before getting my Consultant job. 

I am also Chief Medical Officer for a Management consultancy firm called Ortho Consulting Group specialising in assisting Orthopaedic companies in the UK and globally.

Wide Awake Hand Surgery

(Also know as Wide Awake Local Anaesthesia No Tourniquet - WALANT)

  • I won The British Society for Surgery of the Hand (BSSH) prize for an instructional video on this subject in 2014
  • I contributed to the book Wide Awake Hand Surgery, by Don Lalonde
  • I built Walant.Surgery website and have turned this into a Global Charitable Educational Resource for hand surgeons and therapists. We have 2500 registered users and tens of thousands of hours of educational content viewed.
  • I have been an invited keynote speaker at the Belgian and Dutch Hand Society in 2019, the inaugural Walant course in the UK and was due to speak at the Egyptian Hand Society in 2020 before the Coronavirus outbreak. I am due to speak at the Indian Hand Society Conference in Spetember 2020.
  • Walant is proving to be a most useful technique during this crisis as there is no need for an anaesthetist so patients can still have their hand surgery and the anaesthetists can still help save the lives of Covid-19 positive patients who need ventilation.
  • I have helped complete the BSSH Walant Handbook as a free resource for use by hand surgeons all over the world during this unprecedented time.

Research and Education

  • I have published more than 15 peer-reviewed articles and am currently involved in two ongoing research projects.
  •  I have contributed chapters to four Hand Surgery text books
  • I have been invited Faculty on Hand Surgery courses in many countries including France, Holland, USA , UK and Spain on topics ranging from shoulder trauma to using ultrasound and Walant together to working with various companies to improve their understanding of the Hand and Wrist market.

Meet my Team


Shelley-Anne, Rosie and Sylvia


Sylvia, Shelley-Anne and Rosie

Rosie is your primary contact in the office. Sylvia covers my practice also and both work for Shelley-Anne, Founder and owner of Complete Practice Management Ltd.


They are always cheerful, helpful and a mine of information. Although not clinical all have huge experience with my practice and will able to help with all sorts of questions, so just ask.

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